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"Inspiration comes from many different sources;  whether it's through being immersed in beautiful scenery, witnessing an awesome live performance or even something intrinsic such as a compelling story you read in the news.  It is inspiration paves the way for ground-breaking music that has the power to inspire others."









Create. Produce. Inspire.

Our philosophy at CfO Productions is simple; to create and produce inspirational music


We at CfO Productions have years of experience writing our own music, often based on extrapolating a simple premise or idea suggested by the client.  We have a very diverse range of influences, but no matter what the genre, we consider all great music to have 3 general elements in common which we try to capture: melody, mood and musicianship.  Ultimately we want to write and record music that we want to listen to ourselves.


Our 3 studios contain a wealth of equipment; from modern to vintage, from digital to analogue, from acoustic to electronic.  Producing, engineering and mixing music is as much of an art as a science, but we passionately strive to ever increase the quality of our music.  Our ultimate aim is to translate ideas into professionally-produced music for you.


Music can be formed by a range of emotions; from the evocative and inspirational, to the cathartic and euphoric.  At CfO Productions, we are influenced by our surroundings and ultimately aim to inspire our listeners to take that journey with us as we carve out a sonic soundscape.


We hope our music will help to give your own project it's own professional touch and unique character so you can focus on creating, producing and inspiring others yourself.


Want to use our music in your YouTube videos, adverts, games or other multi-media? Then get in contact with us using the link below:

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